Organic cotton suppliers and fabric type for babies

Posted on October 11 2016

After many many many months of researching, tweaking, sampling, we received our almost final sampling of our new product line. It is a mini collection of 3. The struggle of a small business like us as mentioned before in my previous post is: 1) we are limited to styles and design if we can't meet a minimum 2) Budget for marketing and advertising is all limited as well 3) you do everything yourself, flat lays, photography..I'm learning it all!

But having said all that, I love the whole process. No one said it will be easy. 

We believed in working with a reputable company in India, one who is an advocate for fair trade, and work with certified 100% organic cotton. People will ask us, why choose India? India is one of the biggest producer of organic cotton. Both myself and my business partner, Ronnie was born and raised in Asia. (I'm from Malaysia, she's from Pakistan) We believe that we in North America can help better the lives of other workers in other parts of the world and we can play a small part in this.

So...let's talk our clothing samples and fabric. Currently our "I am Canadian" clothing collection is made of rib cotton fabric. It has more stretch to it and is soft on the hands.  While sampling and comparing different types of material and how the fabric is contructed, we opted in for organic cotton interlocking fabric. The fabric is thicker and more stable as the stitches of the fabric is a double stitch. It is smoother and do not stretch out much. Sounds technical? Think of it as Egyption cotton - the way Egyption cotton is made, more durable, softer and more lustrous. We couldn't think of a better organic cotton fabric for babies!

We are super excited with our decision. So we couldn't wait to release some sneak peeks. We are just down to the final tweaks. We would love to get everything launched by mid to end November. It may take longer than we thought, but hey, if it means perfection, we are happy, and we hope we can pass this on to our customers.

organic cotton onesie


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