Getting started with Brand Repping

Posted on April 26 2017

I'm sure if you browse through Instagram, you would have seen the terms brand reps, or brand repping. So what is brand repping and what does a brand rep do? It is simply having your little ones representing the brand - in exchange for free items, brand reps have the responsibility to take pictures of your items and help post on social media/blog helping shops promote.

As a small shop like us, this has been extremely helpful.  Budget is often limited. This is a constant challenge for small businesses so having brand reps assist us in cutting down advertising costs. These amazing moms/dads help us with getting amazing photography with their little ones in our clothes which we can then use for our website,social media and other advertising materials. It also helps to get feedback from our brand reps - for us, there is no other better to learn to grow the business through real moms and real babies. These amazing people genuinely want to support small shops and want to help us build our brand so we are forever grateful for them!

Some of our superstar brand reps! THANK YOU!


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