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Posted on November 03 2016

After alot of thinking, we have decided to try launching a kickstarter campaign. 

organic baby clothes kickstarter

Being a small start up business on organic baby clothing, there are alot of challenges. We have big dreams, and alot of ideas but we of course like many small businesses face the constraints of limited capital. 

So what are we aiming to exactly? We thought hard of what we want this campaign to focus on. We have had good feedback since we launched on our clothes. Though it is easy to set up a web store, it can easily get lost in this vast pool of competition in the world wide web.

We want to take a step further and target media and do more advertising - turn around our product faster. We want potential customers to hear what our concept is, what our clothes is about and love it!

And all these comes with a cost, and if we are able to get some funding to help give us a boost and head start, that would be so helpful. Hence, why we chose to focus on this. We will specifically be using the funds for PR to target specific media for the next 6 months if we do end up getting the funding. We truly believe that Canada is filled with amazing artists, and we can help represent them in a different way through our little ones wearing the clothes. 

Here is the kickstarter link that you can read more on us. We would be forever grateful for your contribution to our little company.





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