Mastering the Instagram flat lay photo

Posted on May 04 2017

Before we started this baby clothing business, I had no idea what a flat lay is. I looked through Instagram - the clean background, nicely folded clothes, and pretty complimentary accessories. 

While I'm an amateur at it, I quickly discover that I can sometimes do a flat lay with an i-phone, good natural light and a good editing app, I can create a pretty decent and simple full look or #ootd.

A good flat lay also helps us and potential customers visualize the different looks they can do along with our gender neutral baby clothes. Here we paired it up with these cute little koala knee high socks from Petite Littles  and some toys I had made for my little one. 

baby clothes flat lay instagram

We have also received some awesome flat lays from our brand reps and thought I'll share with you some ideas they created ootd for their little ones. See below some of the other small shops that were used for these looks.

baby clothes flat lay 

Romper: JR Authentics

Bonnet: Sweet As April

Moccs: Posh Panda

Plushie Toy: Sophie's Dolls

Image via: livingratefully

baby ootd instagram

Onesie: JR Authentics

Knitted leggins: Loops for Littles

Moccs: Posh Panda

Baby Milestone cards: Snowbird Prints

Plushie Toy: Peekaboo Handmade

Image via: katie.aprilrae


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