How we chose our organic cotton baby clothing manufacturer?

Posted on September 27 2016

Choosing the right organic cotton company to partner up for our baby clothing line for a small start up has been pretty challenging. Since we would love to be as transparent as possible in our process and we have now started blogging, we thought we would share our behind the scenes here, our journey along the way, and moving forward - our plans.

We want to make sure that our clothes come from a reputable company, proven certified organic. As we were only starting out, we needed to choose a company that didn't require a minimum for us to order. It is pretty tough, our choices are limited, and customization is also limited.

Royal Apparel offers a range of premium organic baby clothings blanks made in USA. They are made from 100% certified organic cotton, and is 100% all natural, chemical free fibres. They are also super soft on your hands and stretchy for baby's comfort.

As we move forward and grow the company, we are also looking at opportunities at getting our baby clothings cut and sewn in India, the biggest producer of organic cotton. We are dedicated in finding the right partner to work with. A company who can not only work with our ideas, but who are commited to sustainibility, uses 100% GOTS certified organic cotton and and practice fair trade. How we see it? As they help us grow, we also help improve the lives of the individual workers there. We will share more of this as time comes.




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