• Mastering the Instagram flat lay photo

    Posted on May 04 2017

    Before we started this baby clothing business, I had no idea what a flat lay is. I looked through Instagram - the clean background, nicely folded clothes, and pretty complimentary accessories. ...

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  • Getting started with Brand Repping

    Posted on April 26 2017

    I'm sure if you browse through Instagram, you would have seen the terms brand reps, or brand repping. So what is brand repping and what does a brand rep do?...

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  • Toronto Skyline Onesie

    Posted on April 21 2017

    Since our launch last May, this has been our most popular design. It has finally sold out, all sizes. We have received such kind words on this design! We are...

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  • Store wide sale!

    Posted on April 20 2017

    We have a sale! As a small business, we are often challenged by limited budget. So in order for us to grow our business, we are marking down our items...

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